Birding in October 2008

Birding around Chiltern and Rutherglen in October

In recent weeks some interesting birds have turned up in the area. Perhaps these visitors are escaping the very dry conditions inland. Frequenting Great Southern Road, east of Rutherglen, are some Red-backed Kingfishers. Look along the power lines on the west side of the road. Possibly they may nest in the gravel heaps which border the east side of the road. A Koel has turned up near Lake King in Rutherglen and should be easy to find by following its raucous calls.

Budgies have been seen along roadsides in Rutherglen and also at Chiltern Valley No 2 Dam. Turquoise Parrot and Painted Honeyeater may also be found there. White-fronted Chats are on the Back Springhurst Road and may soon turn up at Valley No 2 Dam as the water level recedes.

Chiltern Valley No 1 has Spotted and Baillon's Crakes and Dollarbirds plus egrets, Little Grassbirds and Red Warblers. The extensive reed beds are well worth surveying. Latham's Snipe must surely be lurking among the reeds. In mid October 8 Cattle Egrets were present.

The Brolgas are still about the surrounding paddocks. The Painted Honeyeaters at Bartley's Block now call infrequently making them hard to track down. Hopefully they are in breeding mode. For anyone seeking Regent Honeyeaters the released birds now seem to have left the Klotz Track area. However keen eyes may pick them up anywhere in the park where there is flowering hybrid or yellow box. If you are lucky enough to spot any please try to note the legbands and report them.Although the conditions in the park are harsh quite a few birds are breeding successfully.

Good birding,

Eileen Collins