Newsletter 075 June 2000


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Dear Friends,

The long awaited Box-Ironbark Forests and Woodlands Investigation by the Environment Conservation Council has been released. Great news for nature conservation in our neck of the woods. It is proposed that a new park be formed, called the 'Chiltern-Pilot National Park'. The total area of the proposed park is 21 742 ha, comprising: the existing Chiltern Box-Ironbark National Park (4 320ha); Mt. Pilot Multi-purpose Park (14 083ha); part of the Barambogie Forest (2 497ha) and Beechworth Historic Park (52ha); Barambogie Education Area (597 ha); Black Dog Creek Streamside Reserve (64ha) and public land water frontage (129ha) (refer to map below).

The report states that "the proposed Chiltern-Pilot National Park is one of the most important sites for nature conservation in Victoria, supporting an extraordinary number of threatened and non-threatened species. Its impressive biodiversity, landscape and historical values, and important Aboriginal art sites are attracting an increasing proportion of north-east Victoria's expanding tourism and recreational visitor market".

Other recommendations for the NE of Victoria include: upgrading the Reef Hills Regional Park near Benalla to State Park status and including the Killawarra State Forest in the Warby Range State Park.

The 'draft report for public comment' is available from the Wodonga office of NRE, by mail order from NRE $8.00 (plus postage) (NRE Information Centre, 8 Nicholson Street, East Melbourne VIC 3002) or on-line at

Write a letter and support the proposed 'Chiltern-Pilot National Park'. Deadline for submissions on the draft is the 8th of August 2000.

(from Box-Ironbark Forests & Woodlands Investigation - ECC page 89)

Tree Planting at Conticchio's

The first planting under the groups Threatened Species Network Grant was undertaken at Vitto & Linda Conticchio’s property on Sunday June the 4th. Seven adults and five children helped plant over 700 indigenous trees at two sites on the property. The cold showery weather conditions proved a trial for the participants but were very conducive to tree planting. The normally onerous and time-consuming task of watering the trees was unnecessary. In addition the observational skills of the group remained remarkably unshaken with observations of small flocks of Turquoise Parrots and a single Peregrine Falcon. This and other sites planted under the Threatened Species Network Grant will provide valuable additional habitat linking areas of the Park. Jim Blackney


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